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On behalf of the Trilliums, Jacks in the Pulpit, Hepaticas, Spring Beauties and all their friends, thank you to the elusive volunteers who pull Garlic Mustard plants in Memorial Park.
Diversity is key to a healthy woodland; Garlic Mustard threatens that.
Twice as many plants have been bagged this year than last.
This plant is extraordinarily prolific and adaptable; seeds can survive in Southern Ontario for up to 30 years. One clump of plants can produce 62,000 seeds per square meter.

Hudak-simpson-regularBefore you chow down on your next doughnut, take a good hard look. That's
Ontario's economy you're eating. Look at the middle. What do you see? Nothing, right? That's where the middle class used to be.

Those jobs - nearly 300,000 in Ontario alone - disappeared in the Great Recession. Gone like the bits from the middle of your doughnut.

Now look at the glaze on top. That's the one per cent. They've done OK. Better than OK. Theirs is the only income that has actually gone up.

wrench-regularI understand , from Mr. Walker's impassioned speech at one of the all candidate meetings, that he feels very strongly that the College of Trades was completely out of line for raising the Licensing fees for trades from $60 every three years to $120 per year. Granted, there was no apparent warning before this hike and that must have been a shock.

However, let's put this in perspective.

An auto mechanic/plumber/drywaller/carpenter makes about $65 to $120 per hour. Therefore, they have to work 1.5 to 2 hours to pay their new yearly license fees.

Dental assistants/hygienists make $20 per hour and their fees are $135 per year, so they have to work 6.2 hours to pay their fees.


Congratulations on producing such a much-needed local news facility.

On first review, I find the style and features of the website very pleasing, and I look forward to following stories that are important to me as an Owen Sound resident.

I have only one suggestion, and that is to ask that a date-time be added to the header are of all stories. As your database grows, I think that this could be a useful feature.

I wish you all success with the Hub.

Alan Brand,
Owen Sound


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