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dredge-regDear Editor;

A highly important topic we have read and heard a lot about is the dredging of the Owen Sound harbour. According to Mayor Deb Haswell, the mayor at the time, "The work is urgently needed and it is high time it is done, considering it has been an ongoing issue for some 15 years... we've got to get going on this. It's just ridiculous. It's sort of gone beyond the ridiculous now in terms of length of time to do this."

To quote Bill Henry of the Sun Times: "Just one shipping company still sends working commercial cargo vessels to the Great Lakes Elevator here, and then only smaller vessels with partial loads. Cement and salt ships also come in light." Steve Kell from Parrish Heimbecker said: "The firm is not just unable to expand and fully utilize the elevator asset, it's losing business."


When the guns come out, reason flees. So much the more, then, do we need men and women trained to keep their heads.

So all praise to the guard at the front door of the Parliament who grabbed the gunman's rifle, yelled "Gun, gun" and was wounded for his trouble. All praise to the man who blocked the door of the NDP caucus room with his body as bullets flew outside.

And all praise to Sgt at Arms Kevin Vickers who, still in ceremonial garb, went to his office and got his gun to confront ... he knew not what.


I would like to begin by thanking the Owen Sound Hub for encouraging the publication of letters discussing the pros and cons of fluoridation.

The question to discontinue fluoridation was confusing and both sides were unhappy with its ambiguity. An analysis of voting in the referenda of 1997 and this year shows that the 'yes' side (anti-fluoridation) gained 14.5 per cent in support from 1997 to 2014. The 'no' side (pro-fluoridation) dropped four per cent in support.

The actual statistics are:

1997 YES 3097 NO 4633

2014 YES 3546 NO 4439


In her letter posted on The Hub on October 15, Chatsworth resident Joan Albright suggests that I be less adversarial when it comes to trying to find out what is going on in Chatsworth. She also suggests that I volunteer to help with the township's website to keep costs down.

Taking these suggestions in reverse order, the assumption by Ms Albright that it is costly to make information accessible is wrong.


When it comes to community water fluoridation, the science is solid. Water fluoridation results in stronger teeth and supports better overall health.

Many people may have concerns, but there is also a lot of misinformation about fluoride that may needlessly cause worry.

Water fluoridation is a community choice. Nearly 60 years of use in Owen Sound shows that fluoridation is a smart choice for reducing tooth decay. Our drinking water is some of the safest water in the world.


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