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Let's talk about teeth. Tooth decay is one of the most widespread chronic diseases and seen more often to affect children, seniors and individuals with lower income.

Fluoridation of drinking water is an accepted measure to protect public health by preventing tooth decay. Fluoridation is supported by extensive scientific evidence and endorsed by more than 100 health agencies worldwide. Fluoride has been safely added to drinking water for more than half a century. The important advantage of water fluoridation is that it benefits all, regardless of age, income, education, employment, or dental insurance status.

chats-openess-regOpen letter to Chatsworth mayor Bob Pringle;

Dear Mayor Pringle,

Nothing, and I mean nothing, demonstrates the lack of openness and absence of communication in Chatsworth better than your election flyer that arrived in the mail yesterday. For Chatsworth residents who may have missed it, I have posted it here.

water-letter-regOpen letter to Mayor Deborah Haswell:

Please ask Public Health to kindly refrain from promoting their campaign and information on fluoridation at the All Candidates meeting on Oct. 8th, 2014. This is the only public meeting for all the candidates for the municipal election on Oct. 27th to openly express their positions on fluoride. Public Health's presence at this meeting would present a conflict of transparency/interest. Public Health had since January, 2014 to campaign for fluoridation. Oct 8th is hardly the appropriate time or place to further their campaign.

chatsworth-regAn open letter to Mayor Bob Pringle;

Dear Mayor,

This is to let you know that I have updated my blog (at http://shininglightonchatsworth.wordpress.com/) with information about the Peter J. Marshall Award presented to you and to Mayor Barfoot at the annual conference of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario on August 17, 2014. The Award's objective is "to showcase instances where Ontario municipalities have implemented and can point to tangible, measurable outcomes from new, more cost effective ways of providing public services and facilities."

McManaman-regLast week, I filed my papers to run for Owen Sound City Council in the October 27th election.

It has been a privilege to serve on Council and I hope to have the opportunity to help move the City forward over the next 4 years. I've always believed in giving back to my community...and I feel my experience will be critically important in the next term of Council. We have a large infrastructure deficit and we face the loss of nearly a million dollars in provincial government funding. That will require tough decisions and strong leadership from Council.


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