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rail trail dog strangling vineLast year I worked on two properties attempting to control the spread of dog strangling vine. One allowed me to use RoundUp and one did not. Attached is a photo of the one that did not. Many of the waypoints indicate more than one plant. The other property has 10 waypoints, mostly single plants and are already treated with RoundUp as they were found. (We are not talking about a person in a hazmat suit with a backpack sprayer but rather a 2 litre hand held sprayer basically spraying on individual plants.)

People not allowing the use of RoundUp remind me of people who don't want to get vaccinated for Covid. They don't realize the seriousness of the situation, they overblow the possible side effects, they don't listen to the science and find all sorts of reasons to prohibit me from using it.

I will not give up but it doesn't make sense to only allow a person to do a crucial task with one hand tied behind their back.

Bill Moses
Owen Sound


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