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This Remembrance Day, I remember those who sacrificed, and were sacrificed for the security of Canada and the Commonwealth. This brings to mind Canada's present and future security.

We have been fortunate to live in the security shadow of the United States, and so have had little public concern of a foreign invasion of Canada. But climate change alters the status quo.

Historically, what the USA wants, it takes. Recently we see what China and Russia want , they take. Canada has fresh water. Lots of it.

Climate change has intensified the competition for fresh water. When a person, or country is desperate for fresh water, they will take desperate action . For Canada's national security, I know we need to treat climate change as a national security threat. There is no military spending that can can increase our security against a determined larger country. Our sovereignty depends on minimizing climate change.

Our best minds and significant resources must be applied to this problem , as they were in World Wars 1 and 2 .

Ted Stewart, Owen Sound



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