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Dear Editor

Could some of this money be used for more affordable housing?  Or giving a hand up to families in the area?

With costs of housing and food and utilities going up, why are we accepting this complete waste of our money for decisions by Town of South Bruce Peninsula?

Legal fees are out of control and continue to grow. Legal spent $2,172,955 on legal fees for 2021!!!
TSBP 2021 Legal Budget...$250,000 Over budget as of June 30 by $162,000
Shortfall of $1,760,955.

83 percent for upcoming land dispute = $1,461,592 estimate
Where is the other $712,000 in legal fees?

$200,000 Judicial Review.  $75,000 was not paid to my lawyers for the win.
2022 budget is set at over $665,000 for 2022 and 2023.

The concrete barrier at Sauble Beach cost taxpayers about another $30,000 plus they have been left in place to cost us another $2800 per month starting in May 2022.
After hearing form Bill Jones about the wall that we were told would be removed in the fall 2021, it will remain. Options such as just leaving the “No Stopping signs” would accomplish the same result along this area that council has deemed one of the “most dangerous roads”.

I am hoping that other tax payers will contact a council member and ask why are we going to continue to waste our money, at least start with saving $2,800 per month.

Tom LaForme, Sauble Beach




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