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Citizens of Grey Bruce.

I recently engaged our esteemed member of Parliament over his decision to meet with Mr Topp and his seditionist buddies on Parliament Hill. I expressed my concern that by doing so, he was, in effect, lending credibility to their misguided efforts to undermine the very institutions that have developed over Canada’s lifetime to preserve social order and protect us from, among other things, virulent disease.

His explanation that he just wandered into the assemblage without knowing who was there fell well short of credible. He went on then to suggest that he was only attending at the request of an unspecified number of unnamed constituents. Utter nonsense!

I pointed out to Mr Ruff that it was my opinion that by appearing to legitimize those who would sow discontent and misinformation in order to advance their agenda he was not acting in the best interests of his constituents and suggested that Mr Poilievre and his enablers, who he seemed to support, were about to drive the Conservative party “right” into the ditch. I have yet to hear a single positive policy proposal from Mr. Poilievre.
His response was to take the position that he was going to “sit out” the leadership race.

Let me be clear, I will not vote for someone who wants to be a spectator. I will vote for someone who vows to confront efforts to tear apart our social fabric by sowing the seeds of hate and mistrust, using the Trump playbook. His only response was to blame Justin Trudeau for being a divisive force in Canada without citing a single example.

I am a constituent. If Mr. Ruff actually honours the requests of his constituents, as he says he did in meeting with Mr Topp et al, then I too have a request.

I would like my sitting MP to publicly state that he supports the very institutions that have served us well for the last 155 years and state publicly that he disavows the populist rhetoric that seeks to undermine our democracy. Those who spout such rubbish don’t even have the courage to debate their rivals. Instead they want to spread their toxic message of hate, free from the necessity of having to be accountable for their reckless assault on our social order.

Speak up Alex, I can’t hear you!

J.D. Hay

image from Pierre Poilievre's Twitter, June, 2022





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