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The government of Canada is a business. Before a business buys a machine (for example) they conduct a return on investment analysis (ROI). In my day the ROI required was 15%. This left some room for the odd investment that didn’t work out.

In some cases, where there was a safety issue involved, an investment had to be made regardless of ROI, mostly because the value of a healthy human life was considered to have no reasonable upper limit.

In Canada we are trying to become a kinder gentler society (hopefully). In the past we tended to ignore the problems we were creating for future generations. Today we are beginning to see glimmers of the result. Climate change, depression, suicide, drug addiction and ptsd are only a few of the lesser issues that should not be ignored.

Businesses and governments do have to be careful in determining how much debt can reasonably be carried but I will leave that up to independent experts to advise me on that. Nuff said?

Bill Moses, Owen Sound




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