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snow shovelEditor:

Back in 2004, during our first winter in Owen Sound, our driveway was totally blocked by a huge drift of packed snow and ice courtesy of a city plow operator. Not just the usual few inches that one expects when the blade isn't lifted, but a large truck sized blockade. Wouldn't you know it, just yesterday morning, our walkway path (at a different house) suffered a similar fate.

On both occasions, I sent an email to City Hall outlining the problem and received a visit from a works department supervisor within an hour or two. On both occasions, a mistake was freely  acknowledged and a crew of workers dispatched with shovels to clear the problem. Everyone involved was professional, courteous, cheerful, and a credit to the city.

Two mistakes in sixteen years, both promptly fixed ... I'm impressed guys, keep up the good work.

I look forward to seeing you next in 2036.

Alan Brand
Owen Sound




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