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I just learned last evening that the Government of Ontario has an on-line public survey of attitudes about Ontario’s Conservation Authorities. The survey is at https://www.ontario.ca/form/survey-ontario-conservation-authorities - but the deadline for filling it in is tomorrow (Friday)

Conservation Authorities have played a crucial but under-publicized and under-funded role for decades in protecting us and our environment.

The Ford government got off to a rocky start with Conservation Authorities because it misunderstood the depth and breadth and importance of their activities, but the relationship has improved.

By filling in at least part of the survey, you can let the Ontario Government know how important Conservation Authorities are to preserving our future.

The Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) has provided this excellent backgrounder for completing the Conservation Authorities survey.


I couldn’t answer some of the questions in the survey because they require very detailed knowledge of Conservation Authorities, but I was able to answer the “any other comments” question by saying this:

“Conservation authorities are essential bulwarks against the extreme weather events that have already begun to occur as a result of climate change. They require sustained funding, authority and flexibility to educate and protect all of us and to safeguard our natural heritage, whether that heritage is situated on private property or public lands “

If you too would like to tell Ontario what you think of Conservation Authorities, please fill in as much of the survey as you can, in as much detail as you can. I fear that if our voices aren’t raised, the voices of those few but vocal landowners who want no restrictions on their ability to wreck their own property will drown out the voices of environmental prudence.

Thanks - and please take a moment to fill in the survey

John Butler

Editor, The Village Green



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