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beard shave

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter while still feeling the sting of the slap in the face from our local politicians regarding the Beards for Bucks Fundraiser.

Although a wonderful fundraising idea for a great cause this was not the time.

As a spa/salon owner who is struggling to keep a business afloat in these times, I am outraged and disgusted that our leaders would participate in this fundraiser while still being restricted under phase 2 of reopening. Phase 2 of reopening allowed for personal service settings such as salons and spas to reopen for some services but it is clearly stated in the Grey Bruce Public Health Unit protocol along with the Ontario Public Health protocol that all services on the face are not permitted. This includes facials, facial hair removal, lash services and beard trims.

As a business that specializes in facial therapy and skin care, I am only operating at 20% of my service menu which is not sustainable. We are now approaching almost 5 months of mandated restrictions. That is 5 months of loss of income to our business. I have collaborated with fellow local colleagues, salon and spa owners that I highly respect and we have all lobbied to local political offices as well as the health unit to permit the reopening of our services in which we are highly trained in infection control practices, and yet the restrictions remain.

To see an event such as this with our Mayor, MPP, MP and city council members blatantly displaying a lack of physical distancing, numerous health violations including the absence of masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, screening protocol, and other infection control measures that are expected in our day to day operations, is a huge slap in the face to myself and fellow industry professionals who are still not permitted to operate our businesses even though we are confident we can do so with the utmost safety of our team, clients and community in mind.

What a poor display of leadership. Each and every participant has lost my respect and my vote in the future.

Mindy Biggar
The Spa West 9th Street
Owen Sound




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