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Dear Editor

Let me introduce myself, I have been a licensed hairstylist for 11 years, mobile and home based business owner for 6 years and have won multiple awards for grooming and participation (whiskerina, over and under 12" level entry) in Ontario's largest beard and moustache competition held by The Yeard Project.

What I'm writing to you about is this: I emailed and Instagram messaged the City of Owen Sound on June 25 after hearing about their Beards for Bucks event on Mix106. I thought it sounded like a great way to raise money for the hospital, and I'm always up for a beard competition! I was promptly turned down in a reply email, which also stated that unless we were out of phase 2 stylists would not be permitted to help out and that councilors would be grooming themselves at home instead. If by chance stylists were allowed to participate, a salon downtown had already been asked to participate. Fine. Great. But then I see that they went ahead and did it anyway- No masks. No sanitizers or cleaners in site. Touching bare faces. All using the same clippers!

I am in shock and disappointed in our local council and members of the community for supporting this event during a time where many of us stylists who have proper licenses and cleaning knowledge are not given the go-ahead to make a living doing this. I am not permitted to groom facial hair. I am not permitted to even allow a client in my salon without us both wearing masks. I have ShipShape, Barbicide, hand sanitizer and lysol wipes that I use between every client. I also wear a shield when washing hair, and a smock to protect any germs from even being on my skin or clothes from neck to knees. It takes me on average 25 minutes between every client to properly sanitize my salon according to the Ontario College of Trades, Ontario Health Minister and our local health advisors new protocols. What gives someone without my knowledge on proper sanitation any more right than me to do this same thing?

I would be fined, salon closed down and publicly shamed if I did this - all because I have a license that says I'm qualified...?

I'm truly disgusted in what I saw, and ask the community to please speak up if you see someone blatantly breaking protocols like this. As a stylist we are licensed, insured and most importantly EDUCATED on how to do our work and it's a slap in the face to see our local leaders disrespect us, and our community like this.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,

Alycia Priebe, Alycia's Hair Designs, Owen Sound





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