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Council Chambers

Covid-19 has been a struggle for business and charities over the last few months. Between the closures and restrictions on reopening, and the reduced spending and giving, everyone is challenged.

For myself on the business side, two out of three of my commercial tenants are still closed under “Phase 2” rules.  Their businesses are generating zero revenue, yet they are following the rules like responsible citizens. To help them survive and be able to reopen I’ve waived 100% of their rent.

I also sit on the board of a charity in Grey Bruce. With the onset of Covid-19 we were forced to cancel our two major fundraisers. We did the right thing and followed the rules. It makes keeping the charity functioning a struggle and I know we aren’t the only ones facing these challenges. 

I can’t fathom how the elected members of 4 levels of government, and a licensed hairstylist, did not know it was against the rules to provide beard trims or shaves at the current time.

We often hear how closely Dr. Arra is working with local politicians. Perhaps it’s more a case of them thinking they are above the rules. Perhaps all the charities should just invite these guys to their events and the rules won't apply?

To be completely clear I believe this was a great idea for a fundraiser. What I find offensive is the total disregard of the regulations that everyone else must follow.

Perhaps we just need people who lead by example.

- Peter Reid, Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound


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