saltandpepper- by Dennis Thompsett

To do this you snuck in and picked up dropped coins and spent money like a drunken sailor and then stayed after they shut down on the last night and signed up for Teardown. And walked away with a pocket full of cash. At least me and my brother did.

InkQuinoxIIIOct4shortDavid Robinson has the rhythm - now he's looking for the melody for October.

imagesWil- by Wil McReynolds

It's a sad day for many of us as we learn about the closing of Foto Art, a cornerstone in our community for 45 incredible years.

The recent flood was more than just water; it was a tide that has swept away a local institution that has been instrumental in so many of our lives. ...

redbumper- by Dennis Thompsett

Harrison Park used to have a Lover's Lane. Ski-jump too. But let's confine ourselves to the fun you could have on a dark lover's lane if you had no lover.

Back in the Day Harrison Park had a Robert Frost feeling about it. "Two paths diverged in a yellow wood."

LegionKnitting 27Sep23 hands main leadinThere was a lot of tension in the room, a lot of white knuckles.

Some heads were bowed, some were raised in equal amounts of exasperation and ecstacy.

Lips were moving, silently counting, and then tightening in anticipation.

Ray Gendron, apparently, was about to say something ...



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