Melanie GrandmaBy Melanie Knapp

I care about my Italian  background. Grandma came with her mother and father on a donkey to the boat. That boat brought them to Ellis Island in New York. From there they came to Toronto. They lived in a box car for awhile and made

osfn 1- by John Dickson, Owen Sound Field Naturalists

I have been hearing about and also experiencing for myself, many exciting nature observations throughout the area, in recent weeks. Although in the fall we are often looking for the bright red colours of some Maples, Sumacs, and a fairly new one for me - Virginia Creeper, most of the colour theme shifts to yellow and gold by ...

georgian open houseMore than 1,900 guests from all over the world signed up to learn about Georgian’s programs and services at the first-ever Virtual Open House on Saturday.

Interested prospective applicants connected with faculty and staff via scheduled virtual drop-in rooms so they could discover what makes the ...

classictheatreinteriorEvery time the subject of movie theatres in Owen Sound comes up, the memories begin to flow. The Georgas' family's Classic Theatre on 2nd Avenue, which was closed in 1960 and has since been demolished, is no exception.

Chris Georgas, Bill's son, is working on a family history and wondered ...


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