PlacetoBelongCoverJoan, Beecroft, Dana Benson, and Donna Jansen have gathered stories from 19 former refugees and recent immigrants to Grey-Bruce into a new book A Place to Belong. These powerful stories describe the journeys the newcomers took to get here; many are from war-torn countries including South Sudan, Liberia, and Syria.

They also describe the opportunities and challenges the newcomers faced when they arrived in Grey-Bruce, and the support they received from many individuals and agencies as they settled into this place they now call home.

doesitevergetbetter- by Alex McVean

It was the end of March 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic had begun in full swing, as full lockdown was in effect. I was homeless and in detox in Owen Sound. Every rehab in the province had shut down, or the wait lists were horrendously long. I would never make it. I desperately wanted to go when I’d arrived, but my chances of going from detox to rehab were zero. Because of this, recovery was no longer a concept in my life. I had no direction. Nowhere to go. ...

BOS 09 03 2021 doublesize
Quotes from Maya Angelou make me think. I nod as I agree with the thought, then wonder how I might live the inspiration contained in it. Usually. With this one, the last word I ...

goldenrod- by Grey County Master Gardeners

A weed is merely a plant that grows where we do not want it to. With our pollinator insects and songbirds in crisis, it is time to rethink what constitutes a “weed” and to create the type of habitats that ...


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