bishop-regBishop House: Museum, Archives, and National Historic Site is not only the boyhood home of Great War flying ace William (Billy) Avery Bishop, it exists to preserve and promote the legacy of our local veterans, military, and victorian history through programs, exhibitions and programming.

We recognize that there is a great diversity among our regional schools, and this poses a challenge in accessing cultural resources and facilities.

cathy-time-feataBy Cathy Hird

"The beginning of the long dash after ten seconds of silence marks exactly 1 o'clock Eastern Standard Time." With this broadcast from CBC, we can all check the accuracy of our clocks. Some watches have a tendency to slow down. The clock on the stove gets bumped ahead. This broadcast lets us get back to the proper time.

baby-feataBy Cathy Hird

Looking out my window in the middle of the night, I saw one small star twinkling. I knew that if I went outside into the cold clear air, I would see hundreds, but one was enough. While the brilliance of a star-filled sky is glorious, a single light can be a gift.

By the time dawn came, heavy grey had taken over. We have not seen a lot of sun this season. Not only does it rise late and set early, it has been hidden by cloud most days. Too many days have been so foggy we cannot see across the field or down the road.

retire-regBy Michael Warren

Paul is a financially independent businessman who took early retirement at sixty. He bought the silver BMW sports car he'd always wanted and a new set of golf clubs.

Like many people, Paul had spent more time planning his next vacation than he did thinking about his retirement.

After six months of playing golf, driving with the top down and a Caribbean holiday, Paul slipped into bouts of emptiness and depression. He began drinking more than usual to submerge these unexpected feelings.



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