cornFor this week’s virtual climate strike held by Fridays for Future Bruce Grey Owen Sound, Youth Activist Aidan Randall will be interviewing Lucy Sharratt, the Coordinator of Canadian Biotechnology Action Network, also known as CBAN. They will talk about the need for GMO labelling and how industrial agriculture contributes to the climate crisis and affects...

nature 1- by John Dickson, Owen Sound Field Naturalists

As the Spring season draws to a close, and regional isolation restrictions are gradually being relaxed, Naturalist clubs are once again able to offer field trips with knowledgeable leaders and guides, with smaller numbers of attendees, (first 5 and now 10) all doing their best to enjoy and learn, while maintaining a safe distance from each...

between our steps 06 10 20 double
Finally, a breeze in the tree tops brings the rustle of leaves rather than just the creak of branch rubbing on branch. The sound of the wind has changed now that ...

climate actionClimate Action Team (CAT) GreyBruce didn’t plan to celebrate its first anniversary during a global pandemic, but the timing creates multiple opportunities to consider parallels.

The pandemic has shed a light on how humans wait until they are attacked to respond. We aren’t good at anticipating and...




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