winterkidsThis is the third year for the Hope for a Child Radio campaign. Last year, this campaign raised close to $73,000 in total, which in turn helped support almost 160 local children.To date, just over 100 individuals & business have collectively donated $33,000 but this local charity still needs a lot more help from the local community this holiday season.

Cindy Wheeler, spokesperson for the Foundation says "We are a long way off from our goal to assist the children and youth right here in Grey & Bruce with their winter clothing for the cold weather ahead. Our need this year is to support the over 700 children and youth in Grey & Bruce county that require help from the Our Kids Foundation. This includes access to necessities such as snowsuits, tutoring, groceries,...

Christmas-Gifts- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Hub editor

Our house is full of stuff, as are the homes of most of the members of our family. If you find yourself in a similar situation, here are some suggestions for "stuff-free" holiday gifts from right here in Owen Sound that will always be a good fit – lots with links to make it even easier for you. This is just a start - do you have ideas to share? Email us at [email protected] and we will pass them along.

A great meal out. Or in. Every eatery in town can provide you with gift certificates in varying amounts. An evening of music and moules frites at the Avalon Jazz Lounge, a brunch by the water at Cobble Beach, wings after the game at Boston Pizza or Kelseys. A child can buy ... -Hub staff

If you heat with electricity, January and February can be the most brutally expensive months of the year. The provincial government has replaced a province-wide electricity rebate with a higher benefit to assist low-income households. But although an estimated 500,000 homes qualify, fewer than 7% of those have applied for the rebate.

The Ontario Electricity Support Program, worth as much as $900 a year per household based on income, will not be applied retroactively. Applications should be completed as soon as possible to allow time for processing before January billing. Applications can be made online, or you can make an appointment to get help with the

Cathy-Hird-magiBy Cathy Hird

On clear mornings before dawn with the moon a tiny crescent, the planets shine bright in the indigo sky. A few stars twinkle as the sky slowly brightens on these long nights. We are told that there is a one-time visitor in the dawn sky, the comet Catalina, an icy object knocked from the Oort Cloud to descend in a...


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