cathy-thinplaceBy Cathy Hird

The lake where we often kayak can be still as a mirror. The water reflects the trees that lean over it, the clouds of the sky. As we move through yellow and white water lilies, we can see fish and turtles swimming beneath us. The sparkling peace-filled beauty moves us. It is a place where we sense the wonder of creation and the Creator.

In Celtic tradition, a place like this is called a "thin place." There is a Celtic saying that the divine is never more than three steps away, but there are places where the veil is so thin we can almost touch what is transcendent, the divine energy that suffuses all creation.

village-headerBy Cathy Hird

We have all been in this situation. We are standing in a long grocery store line when a baby starts to cry a couple of cashiers over. Strapped into a car seat attached to the cart, the child becomes frantic and, a moment later, screaming.


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