bridge-reg"Great day - lots of networking. Excellent information, lots of useable ideas". That's what past participants have said about the Business Enterprise Centre's annual Bridges to Better Business event. What more could a local business person want?  The 12th of these signature events will be Wednesday, October 7th, from 11to 4:30 at the Bayshore Community Centre.
This year the featured speaker will be Sandra Kahale, a communication expert, writer and consultant who "helps business owners build powerful, profitable relationships - online and off". 

"Sandra's approach emphasizes community and connection, both of which have been shown to be key ingredients to small business success (and sanity!) Sandra has developed a full workbook to enable you to get the most out of your day."
In addition,

Cathy-Hird-highway-exit-fullBy Cathy Hird
Just before I switched off the radio to get back to work, a country singer crooned, "If you don't know where you're goin', you might end up somewhere else." This line resonated with a conversation about "life's mission" that I was part of on Saturday.

Taking an afternoon drive to see the changing leaves, we can make random turns as long as we keep a sense of how to get home. When, on the other hand, the road trip has a mission, when we are headed for a particular place, random turns will take us on detours. We have to keep the goal in mind.

If, however, we only think about the destination, we'll miss...

kindergarten-featureDo you have or know a child who will be starting Kindergarten in 2016?
Let's Learn Kindergarten Registration in Bruce-Grey begins next week for children who will start school in September 2016. Families of children born in 2012 (for Junior Kindergarten) and children born in 2011 (for Senior Kindergarten) are encouraged to register now.
Early registration gives you time to learn what you can do to help your child get ready for school. At Let's Learn, you and your child will meet school staff and learn about community resources in your area. Service providers will be on site to answer questions about your child's growth and development.
Fifty schools in Grey and Bruce Counties will hold the registrations at 46 school sites. Here are next week's dates:

Cathy-Hird-ordinary-gardenBy Cathy Hird

Some of the writings attributed to the Hebrew prophet Isaiah are poetic. When he speaks of peace, he talks about the lion and lamb curling up to sleep side by side. That is not going to happen in this world, but the metaphor helps us to imagine change that seems impossible.

Today, I want to think about a different kind of promise. Isaiah said to his people in exile in Babylon that God was doing a new thing: soon they would build a house and live in it; they would plant a vineyard and eat of its fruit; babies would grow up and grow old. (Isaiah 65: 20-23) This is an ordinary...


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