sannasharbour-feature-by Sanna McGregor

Tourists don't often get the chance to really get a feel for the places we visit. Brief stops are defined by visitor centres, crowded attractions, absent sign posting, and the people we meet in shops and hostels. That has been much of my Canadian experience so far. As a visitor to this country I have the claim to an outsider's more objective lens, as well as a disclaimer for imperfect vision. In visiting Owen Sound I've had the good fortune of staying with local friends deeply involved in their community and the world at large. Conversations suddenly expand beyond the 'where are you from' and 'how long are you visiting' pleasantries to comparative questions of social norms, penal systems, or electoral structures. These discussions are often hinged on observed differences in lifestyles and communities, sparking reflection on how my perspective on Owen Sound yields insight.
First impressions of people supposedly form in eight seconds; roughly a day can show the superficial characteristics of a town.

Anthony-Borgo-fullGeorgian signed a new partnership agreement this summer with Academia Barilla in Parma, Italy – a training and research branch of Barilla, the world's leading pasta maker. Culinary students at Georgian can look forward to new learning pathways that will broaden their understanding of food and how it relates to history, place and culture.

"Our partnership will bring exciting international opportunities to Georgian culinary students while supporting the growth of local artisan producers and showcasing our regional uniqueness in the area of Italian cuisine," says MaryLynn West-Moynes, Georgian College President and CEO. "Both Georgian and Barilla set high standards for academic excellence and will offer extraordinary experiences that will accelerate student learning and success both in the kitchen and the classroom."

Georgian is Barilla's only partner in North America. As part of the agreement, the college will deliver...

Cathy-Hird-bird-fullBy Cathy Hird
Last time we flew through Paris, there were sparrows flying around the food court at the airport. It felt like we were out in a park despite being enclosed in a secure space. This reminded me of a restaurant in Mauritius. The building had a two story high open area, and the roof was thatched. Right at the top, there was a bumble bee hive. All through the meal, bees the size of half a fist flew above us. They ignored the people; we tried to ignore them.

Because we live in the country, we get creatures inside the house quite regularly. The weasel who found itself in the house escaped as quickly as it could, but when birds, bats, squirrels, mice or rats come in, we work hard to clear them out. Despite the number of wild visitors we get, we believe these creatures belong outside.

Which is why this line from one of the ancient Hebrew psalms has always surprised me

bishop-featureOn Thursday, August 27th, Bishop House is holding their annual Volunteer Appreciation event. Bishop House is grateful for each volunteer whether they help out weekly, for special events like Trivia Night or Victorian Christmas, or seasonally to assist with keeping the grounds of Bishop House well groomed.

This year in conjunction with our Volunteer Appreciation event, there will be...


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