breastfeeding-moms-featureThe weekend story of a young mother's less than warm reception when she nursed her hungry baby at a Wiarton restaurant has gone national. The  owner of the establishment said she was going to seek the advice of the local Public Health Unit, who have quickly replied with the following wisdom for all businesses.

"The Grey Bruce Health Unit encourages breastfeeding as a normal and important component of healthy infant growth and development. Creating a welcoming environment for breastfeeding helps remove barriers, and supports a families' decision to breastfeed. Businesses that support breastfeeding are a vital part of a healthy community. Supporting breastfeeding families means they are welcome to breastfeed anytime, anywhere.

The Ontario Human Rights Code recognizes breastfeeding as a human right as outlined...

BALLLOGO-FEATThe new season of BALL lectures begins soon, and what a line-up it is! Now in its 16th season, the not-for-profit, member-funded organization, Bluewater Association for Lifelong Learning (BALL) grew, in 1999, out of an existing organization called "In Search of Learning". Eva Schwartzentruber was the driving force behind BALL. With Eva as Chair, the initial committee was made up of the following familiar names, sadly some are no longer with us, but many are: Betty Giuliano, Rose Hall, Nancy King, Edna Burri, June Cullen, Milt Schwartzentruber, Mike Traynor, Doug Keeling, , Don Willmott, Glenys Stow and Verona Jackson. Their idea was to offer stimulating lectures to older adults, giving them an opportunity to continue the learning process in a friendly, social environment, which offered something more than a strictly academic setting. And now, 16 years later, the Bluewater Association for Lifelong Learning is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors that strives to provide "information and inspiration for the inquisitive mind".
Check out the 2015-2016 brochure...

Looping-Badge-reg-By Sandra J. Howe

Ready for a new hiking challenge in 2015??? The Sydenham Bruce Trail Club offers you over 200 km of beautiful walking trails to explore between Blantyre and Wiarton. In "Looping through Sydenham", 2012 Edition, we feature 25 short walks and hikes in Niagara Escarpment Country. Detailed maps, parking and access points, and natural and cultural history are provided for each loop. Purchase your copy today at The Ginger Press, Owen Sound or Suntrail Source for Adventure, Hepworth.

To begin your challenge, simply copy the Table of Contents to use as your hiking log. Complete each hike in any order you choose, and note the date on your log. On maps showing more than one loop, pick your favourite. The challenge runs from 2014 to 2019; all  hikes after March 15, 2014 count. When you complete all 25 hikes...

thebarn-regOn Highway 26 just east of Meaford, neighbours are building a healthy community hub, a centre that "nourishes the growth of an active and engaged community". Called "The Barn Co-operative Network", it is transforming a traditional building once again into a space for a healthy future.
Building on the success of the original 100 Mile Market in Meaford, the Market has offered fresh, local and healthy food since 2011 in the "stables" of the original building. Now The Barn has diversified into a community co-operative – a space "to share, grow, learn and celebrate in a healthy environment". Besides the Market, the Barn houses...


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