spencer-reg2For the second year in a row, Owen Sound brewer Spencer Wareham has brought home gold from the Ontario Brewing Awards for his New Zealand Red Ale. Wareham's Killanan Brewing Company won in the amber ale category for the ale he describes as having "great notes of biscuit and toasty malt character which pave the way for some beautiful hop character...a bright citrus character with no harsh bitterness". The awards were announced Thursday night at the 12th annual Ontario Brewing gala at Corus Quay in Toronto.
If you want to enjoy the award-winning ale, it is only available at the Killanan brewery store in the Rockford Plaza for now, but Wareham hopes to get it into the LCBO by next fall or winter.

rinpoche featOver the weekend of April 11th and 12th the venerable Acharya Zasep Tulku Rinpoche, a native Tibetan Lama in exile, will be giving public teachings titled "Healing the Mind, Healing the Body" on meditation and healing practices in Owen Sound.

This is the third consecutive year that Rinpoche has come to Owen Sound to provide support for meditation practitioners as well as to introduce the many benefits of meditation to the broader public. The event is being organized in part by Kemble resident and authorized Buddhist teacher Theodore Tsaousidis who offers many mindfulness courses in the area throughout the year.

"Rinpoche is a down to earth, compassionate and devoted teacher who is interested in the individual and what they uniquely need to heal, grow, and move forward," says Theodore Tsaousidis. Previous retreat participant Kathy Hopson says, "We are very fortunate to have the wisdom and gentle manner of Rinpoche with us. Personally, I have experienced the healing power of daily mindfulness practice."

OSHARE-Logo featBy Cathy Hird and Peggy Moulaison

What is the measure of a healthy society? Sometimes we use GDP, but for me that hides the way the money is distributed. We can use unemployment figures, but those numbers mask the people who have stopped looking for work and the large number of older and younger people who cannot get work.

Some theologians argue that the measure of a community is the way we care for the poor and vulnerable among us. One of the ways our community serves is the meal provided by OSHaRE. It is not a good thing that this service is needed: hungry people are a reminder that there are significant economic inequities in our area. But OSHaRE (Owen Sound Hunger and Relief Effort) grew out of broad based co-operation between churches and community services. It provides food for people who would otherwise be hungry. It provides community for those who come to eat as well as for those who volunteer. Because so many people are involved, the meals help to break down the barriers between haves and have nots in our community.

I asked Peggy Moulaison, the OSHaRE Director of Operations, to describe their service.

pencil-fullIs everything you see, read and hear in the news 'true'? Does the news simply 'reflect' the world as it is? Or is our 'view' of the world shaped by it? Does it matter? In a special lecture entitled "Is Perspective Everything? News, Bias, Reality – From Telegraph to Twitter", Dr. Herbert Pimlott addresses these questions as he explores a relationship that has been at the core of how our society works: the relationship between journalism and democracy.


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