thankful- by Melanie Knapp

At this time around Thanks Giving I am noticing what I am thankful for. I am thankful for friends that offer to help to pick up some groceries when the stores are busy and confusing. I like the juicy blueberries to make smoothies with and the special green vibrant kale from the community garden and the special delicious Naan flat bread to make light pizzas. This is so supportive and special because I have been helpful to others and it is such a nice feeling to have people return the kindness. It is a blessing.

I am thankful for tips on doing work around the house. I like putting weather foams on the cool windows and bringing the colourful plants in. I am glad to get my house prepared for the colder weather. Knitting warm scarves and making steaming chicken noodle soup just feels right.

Other things help as the throat feels the colder weather like some soothing lozenges and some warm water. As I feel chilled or have a few aches a Tylenol is good to take so the cold doesn’t get to me.

When someone cares for me I feel kinder and I feel like I can get through a big day. How do you feel when someone cares for you? Do you feel your heart grow? Do you feel warmth inside you? And then how do you pass it along to someone else?

You can care about a pet or some plants or to your grandma. I recently gave some gifts to my grandma to help her with the cooler weather. I gave her books and special things from my heart. This makes me smile and it spreads across and lights up my face.

Smiling and caring help the immune system. To the diversity of one and all: Children, youth, adults, seniors! Keep smiling and share your caring.


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