It's been a long winter of storage crops and Green Being Farm is  very excited to be offering a short Spring Greens CSA again this year! This is a time of year when, although nothing is growing in the fields, we are pumping out all kinds of chlorophyll, much to the delight of our members!

If you have never been in our Spring Greens CSA  I will tell you- if you like greens, and you like eating locally, you will love this little program. It's a great time to cleanse the body and delight in and abundance of fresh, crunchy, vibrant greens. Most of us really value the spinach we are able to produce in the depths of winter, but just wait 'til you see what we can grow with a little more daylight!

Shares will include salad greens of many different varieties, baby spinach, arugula, leafy bunched greens like swiss chard, leaf cabbage and kale, herbs, radishes, and even head lettuce. Plus there's rapini, bok choy, tatsoi, mizuna, parsley and the list goes on. You'll probably try some greens you've never had before, and we will help you make the most of them.

The cost to join the Spring Greens CSA is $125-135 depending on location. Pickups, for the most part, will be weekly, but since spring can be an unpredictable time of year, the pickup weeks will also be a little unpredictable. They are generally in late March, April, and early May. The duration will be 5 and possibly 6 weeks, depending on how quickly or slowly things grow, but we will guarantee that you'll receive the same value in greens regardless of how the season presents itself. Sometimes we throw in some carrots or other storage crops if they are still in good shape.

We are now accepting registrations for the Spring Greens CSA. To order, please go to



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