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What’s in your pot of gold? It could be a pot of wine and beer for your own group bash!! If you are looking for a covid-19 safe way to have some fun with friends and are feeling lucky, this is the event for you.

♣ Get a team of 6 people. Choose one to be the captain, pick a silly and fitting team name!st paddys day fundraiser
♣ Each participant on your team donates $10 to the museum, and either one bottle of wine or a 6-pack of beer and delivers to the team captain who brings it all to the Museum to add to the pot.
♣ Deadline: Envelope with team name, participants, and $60 along with the wine/beer delivered to the Museum by 5 pm on Friday, March 5/21.

♣ All participants names will be put in a hat and the drawing will start on Tuesday March 9/21. the last 3 names in the hat on Wednesday March 17/21 will be declared the winners. Pick up by 5 pm at the Museum same day.
♣ Winnings are split on the percentage of 1st—50%, 2nd—30%, 3rd—15% and a consolation prize for the first person eliminated of 5%. Winning participant splits their wine/beer win with their team.
♣ Like and follow our Facebook page each day to see if your team is still in to win, we will post a video of the draw each day.

Good luck!!

To register visit our events page or call 519-371-0031 or email [email protected] today.

source: media release, Billy Bishop Museum


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