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Hen & Bear is excited to announce that its Hen House Headquarters has moved from London, Ontario to a farmhouse in the quaint village of Neustadt, Ontario. The House will not only be home to the Hen + Bear brand, but also to its founder Genevieve Smolders, her partner Jordan, their beloved Huskey Hugo, little kitty Olive, and a whole bunch of bunnies, chickens, rabbits and ducks. Not only does the new Hen House and its surroundings better embody the Hen + Bear’s bohemian-chic vibe, but it’s also overflowing with history. The home was built in 1890 and became the birthplace of Canada’s 13th prime minister, John Diefenbaker, in 1895.

When asked about her choice of new brand headquarters, Hen + Bear founder Genevieve Smolders shares: “I grew up in a family that was interested and encouraged to learn about North American history. As a child, I visited many heritage sites like pioneer villages, war memorials, forts, etc. Actually, by the time I hit the ripe age of 15, I had been to every civil war site in North America. So when this beautiful, well-kept heritage home hit the market, I knew I had to have it! I'm so excited to introduce HEN + Bear to the local community in Neustadt – such a pretty and inspiring town!”

The previous owners were happy to share why they knew Genevieve, Jordan & Hugo would be the perfect new owners, Helana Hasse shares: When we decided to move out east we said that if the right person didn’t come along - we simply wouldn’t sell.

Luckily Jordan and Genevieve saw the house and so began a journey that feels like fate. They wrote us a lovely letter and once we met we instantly knew they were supposed to take the journey we began and run with it.

We had a lot of similarities - Genevieve and I are both artists that work from home, their enthusiastic spirit and clear connection to the property reminded us of how we felt when we first saw it. We are so excited to see everything unfold and so grateful that the right people found this special house. She will never be alone again!

If all goes as planned, the Hen House is poised to see tremendous expansion in the coming years, as Smolders and her partner make plans to grow their business, their brand, their family, and ‘the world’s most amazing ’vegetable garden.

For a sneak peek of Hen & Bear’s collections, visit: www.henandbear.comhen and bear 2

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