We are sharing, with gratitude for her generosity and courage,  this post from Tessa Snider, owner of Sweetpea in downtown Owen Sound.

"Confession time: I find it hard to be a shop owner at this time of year! It’s probably not something I’m supposed to admit, but there is so much competition, hustle, stress, and overconsumption pushed at us from every direction.

I struggle to strike the right balance between participating in a way that rewards the customers that I’m so grateful for, without contributing to the culture of excessive consumption.

How am I doing? Any advice? …As we move together into the stillness of winter, my wish is that we can all find the quiet place inside ourselves that says “I am enough, and there’s enough to go around”.

What about you? How are you carving out peace this holiday season? #sorrynotsorry #holidaypeace #realness #stilllovewhatido"





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