- by Lori-Ann Caswell

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Yes, I know it’s early but we’ve already had snow here in Owen Sound and we’re bundling up as we face snow squalls.

In lieu of cards this year, I knit hats (15 adult and 15 kids) and just dropped them off at Safe ‘N Sound.
As I knit, I thought of family and friends and it cheered me so much! So pick out a colour you like from the pile and know that it was created and given in your name. Here’s hoping these hats and the love that created them brings a little warmth and brightness to Safe ‘N Sounders this holiday season.

Maybe others will do the same. I’m sure United Way and other organizations in our area would appreciate some “gifts” like this instead of sending out one-time cards.

In the interest of reducing waste, I didn’t buy any new yarn but rather used left over yarn from other projects. Still, the hats are “new” to the receivers. (I’m working on scarves next.)

Wishing you a warm, happy, healthy holiday season!




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