- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

After our publication of the Bluewater District School Board's statement on their actions to keep students safe, we received a number of communications from readers.

We will follow up on these responses. One question was about screening of supply/occasional teachers, and others in the school.

The Bluewater District School Board Policy is as follows: “For the safety of our students, successful candidates hired to Bluewater District School Board must provide a valid Criminal Background Check with vulnerable sector screening prior to beginning employment.”

One person who has been working in classrooms at a local elementary school regularly since in-person classes resumed, said they had not had a Vulnerable Sector Check with the Police.

A guardian following up on an incident at their child's elementary school was told by the Principal that the man assisting with their special needs child had completed a "Declaration of No Police Record", but that no Vulnerable Sector Check had been required.

The School Board clarifies: “Currently, there is a provincial shortage of fully qualified education workers. if an emergency worker is required due to a staff shortage at a school, people who work as an emergency worker sign a declaration that they do not have a criminal record. 

Permanent and occasional staff are required to submit a criminal record check as part of their on-boarding and then submit an offence declaration annually.

Volunteers are also required to submit a criminal record check.”







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