-by Jane Phillips

Canadian statistics over the last several decades confirm that as the economy weakens, self-employment grows. The author of the Statistics Canada report Self-employment in the downturn Sébastien LaRochelle-Côté says the data is incomplete, but it appears that the people who are most successful at starting new businesses are men over 55. Those are also the people who are also more likely to create jobs for others. LaRochelle-Côté says it does not appear they are starting the new businesses because they are being pushed into it by job loss. Instead they often leave a good job to start a dream project. They are pulled.
It's essential to understand that there is no "right time" to launch a new business. There is no ideal economic environment, no perfect market window, no flawless product idea that will guarantee your new business will be a success.
Mediocre products launched in a down economy can be the platform for a successful business; insanely brilliant products launched in a roaring bull market can collapse like a badly made souffle .
The "right time" iswhen you're ready--no more, no less. Don't look outside for indications as to when the time is right to launch your own business. Look inside, to your own desires and commitment. Launch when you can't not launch, and don't get hung up on the externals. Do your research to make your plan on how to make it successful, whatever that means to YOU.
People make the difference.
Here’s something else to remember.
Come back for advice after you've launched.  Asking questions is very much, the right thing to continue to do.  Asking questions after you've launched is essential if you are to move from start-up to viable business. Too many founder/owners launch their new business in "broadcast" mode: "Here we are, here's what we do, aren't we great, buy my product (or service)."
So, while this may not be the right time for you to start your own business, who knows, maybe it will be - in two weeks, two months, two years from now. And when the time is right, you will come and ask more questions, won't you?

Jane is Manager and Business Advisor, The Business Enterprise Centre


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