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On behalf of the Board of Directors of the United Way Bruce Grey we would like to recognize the tremendous extra effort by our Executive Director, staff and volunteers in mobilizing and co-ordinating the direct relief, and fund-raising efforts over the past weeks since the devastaing fire in Owen Sound. All the while continuing to support the other impotant ongoing United Way programs.

The issue of how funds raised will be allocated is no simple matter, but fairness and transparency will be the fundamental principles.

There are modest and normal staffing and administrative costs associated with any relief effort or program, and this one will be treated similarly and according to the policies and processes as set out by our Volunteer Board of Directors.

If anyone in the public would like more information in this regard, please feel free to direct your concerns to me or our Board through the UWBG office. The next board meeting is the evening of August 26th.

Dave Myette
UWBG Board of Directors



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