- by Dianne Joyce

I don’t get it! It’s way too hard. I might feel something I didn’t want to feel. It’s boring. Hmmmm? It makes me think about something I don’t want to think about. What if the words change me? I don’t like change. I’d rather watch TV. 

At one time or another, we’ve all thought these thoughts and perhaps added one or two of our own. But what if you do try listening to poetry? Or, maybe even writing it yourself, when you can’t think of any other way to express what you’re feeling? Not all that different from song lyrics that rhyme or don’t rhyme.   

What if you live in a place that gives you the opportunity to listen to it and find poetry takes you to a place where you can laugh, or cry, or exclaim, or yell YES, I get that!

Or, begin an incredible adventure where you make discoveries you never thought possible?  A place that gives you a glimpse of the mystery that is yourself?  A place where you can experiment with words, and find out what is really important, not to everyone else, but to you?

Poets all across Canada are getting ready to share what they know about the art of poetry. In fact, they have claimed April as a nationwide celebration of their art, and are welcoming anyone who is curious to come and meet them and perhaps find out why poetry is something to be honoured and celebrated.

This year JOY is the focus of gathering us together. And in our neighbourhood, you are invited to enjoy learning again.  

Thanks to the women at the Hanover Library, you are welcome to bring your pens and journals and begin Authoring for April in a workshop situation.

Check out your local libraries to see what is happening for National Poetry month near you.

The League of Canadian Poets also has events listed, including a Poetry Open Mic in April at the Hanover Library.



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