panic alarm with staff
Wiarton Hospital staff Isaac Deemert RN, left, Mark Allan RPN, Mariah Slot RPN,
Rachel Manley RPN and Jo-Anne Stevenson RN, right.

Recently, the staff of the Wiarton Hospital has been outfitted with a new panic alarm system, made possible by the support of Community Foundation Grey Bruce.

Panic alarm systems are an integral component of staff safety. From time to time, patients sometimes feel stressed, fearful and frustrated. These kinds of scenarios can sometimes result in threatening and unsafe situations, both for staff and patients.

Although these kinds of altercations are rare, when they do occur, they happen suddenly and sometimes seriously. The reality of our rural site is that staffing compliments are low, especially during night shifts, and staff members are often alone or in few numbers with limited staff to help respond during an emergency.

The panic alarm system is a safety mechanism which provides security for hospital staff.

Staff are outfitted with a small panic button that they can wear on a key chain or lanyard, so that if they experience a medical emergency, fall or interaction with an aggressive or violent person, they can silently press their button, discretely calling for help. The system immediately alerts other staff in the building that their colleague requires urgent help, and pinpoints exactly where.

The Wiarton Hospital’s old panic alarm system was at end of life, unreliable, and parts no longer available for repairs.

As there is very little government funding available for capital upgrades and purchases for equipment and technology like this, the staff of the Wiarton Hospital and Bruce Peninsula Hospitals Foundation is very grateful to Community Foundation Grey Bruce, who made the purchase of this safety system possible

“The safety monitors are a great example of a project that improves the health and wellness of the people of Grey and Bruce, one of the pillars of our vital signs report and a focus of our community granting. We’re happy to be supporting this project and to hear how effective and necessary it is.” Jen Legge, grants and donor relations coordinator.

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