- by Francesca Dobbyn, Executive Director, United Way Bruce Grey

It's been a year since we launched the SOS Mobile response projects, and I've been wanting to update you on all that has happened, shere some United Way data and a story.

In 2022 our donors provided:

  • 3007 personal hygiene items
  • 2424 pairs of socks
  • 1339 items of dental care
  • 945 reusable water bottles

That's some of the numbers of the "stuff".

What it really means:

  • 3007 instances of personal dignity 
  • 4848 feet that were warm
  • 1339 chances of better oral hygiene
  • 141 750 single use water bottle NOT used

What it really really means?

Dignity, hope, change, resources, connections, fresh starts...all of those data points will come in a broader report.

The other day I attended one of the SOS Outreach events and spoke to an SOS client. When he arrived in the area he was addicted to opiates, homeless, disconnected from his children, basically at rock bottom. 

Connecting him with SOS got him on in-community addiction treatment, got him into an emergency shelter motel room with a roommate, into his own motel room when his roommate's choices threatened his path of sobriety. 

With his attendance at support groups, a fellow member offered him a job as a brick layer, he now works 6 days a week!

This week, he got an apartment! Wednesday he filled in a request for first and last month's rent. Thursday we confirmed it was approved and the landlord was on board. Now we're connecting him with community programs to furnish the apartment and he is making arrangements for his children to visit.

From drug addicted to employed, sober and housed in just over a month. A motivated man in recovery - that's what it really means.

Your support for the unfunded costs of this program are having a significant impact on those who wish to exit their addiction. 

Thank you

P.S. In June we're expecting a BIGGER report from Public Health and as soon as that report comes out, we'll share it. The lives our donors saved are many, the lives they've changed are significant.




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