Local author Donna Jansen is launching her second book for young readers just in time for Christmas, in both Owen Sound and Wiarton - details below.

Donna's first book, The Bury Road Girls, was inspired by her grandchildren's fascination with her stories of her own childhood, growing up one of seven sisters on the Bruce Peninsula near Lion's Head.

This sequel More Adventures of the Bury Road Girls was equally inspired by Donna's grandchildren, but also by the hundreds of children she met at libraries, schools, fairs and museums where she went to do readings from her first book. She was thrilled by the interest and devotion of her young fans, and adults too, especially those who were connected to the land and shared memories of a simpler time.

Preface to More Adventures of the Bury Road Girls

I’m so happy and touched that my young readers wanted me to write another story about the Bury Road girls. So here it is, Book Two! Debbie is now ten years old, and she and her six sisters still live at home on the Bury Road near Lion’s Head, Ontario. It’s now the 1960s, and her older sisters are growing up and almost ready to move on to new destinies. You’ll find that the themes are similar to Book One—uncomplicated little snippets of life growing up on a farm on the Bruce Peninsula. The story is based on mostly true events with a few details changed and all the names changed. Life is focused around family, school, community, farm work, and extended family. The stories are different in this book but the message is the same—be nice, show loyalty, work hard, laugh, and have faith. Debbie is still trying to get these things right; sometimes she does, and sometimes she doesn’t.
Readers aren’t asked to solve social and environmental problems. They’re simply asked to be a child.

Book launches: 

Lawson’s December 8 - 11:00 to 2:00 
 Berford Street Bookstore December 15 - 2:00 to 4:00 pm

Where to buy the book:
Lawson’s in Owen Sound 
Berford Street Bookstore and McKenzie IDA in Wiarton 
Peninsula IDA in Lion’s Head 
Stuff to Read in Meaford 
Grey County Museum 
Direct Sales from The Bury Road Girls Facebook page

source: author, Donna Jansen


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