Blood servicesCurrently there is a shortage of blood of all typesin the inventory managed by Canadian Blood Services. As of publication time type B- had a three day supply and type O- had just a two day supply. The largest supply on hand was AB+ with a twelve day supply on hand. No type is at a comfortable level of supply.

Locally you can do your part to help out by heading to the Owen Sound Legion on Wednesday, September the 4th or 151 Collingwood Street in Meaford on Thursday September 5th.

As the summer season winds down, and thoughts turn to getting back into regular routines, we encourage you to get back to donating blood as well.

Did you know? September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  We’re asking donors across Canada to help spread awareness for the lifesaving impacts of blood, plasma, platelet, stem cell and financial donations in support of child cancer patients across Canada; patients like Emma, from Midland, who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma at just 13 months old.  Emma endured multiple rounds of chemotherapy & surgery that required a blood transfusion. Today, she's a happy 3yr-old. Support patients like Emma by donating blood for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Blood, it;s in you to give.

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