So here's something nice for a change in your feed:

Last Friday I was on my way to the Open Mic at The Bleeding Carrot, but I needed to stop in at Metro first because my coffee beans were getting low. I no sooner left my car then a man approached me, saying my back tire was low. I took a look, and it sure was. He then advised me to go across the road and have McArthur Tire "throw some air in it". I thanked him, and headed toward the store; he noticed that and added MT close at 5PM. Since it was like 4:40 at this this point, I thanked him again and hurried into the store (hey, coffee beans. don't judge me.)

Luckily, I was soon back out with my precious beans and drove slowly across the road.
I walked into the office and explained what the helpful man had said, and the manager promptly said no problem, and directed around the side where the air hose was. No sooner had the young mechanic attached the air when LOUD hissing promptly started whooshing out from the tire! The valve was toast.

I stood there in the parking lot, looking at a very flat tire and wondering what the hades I was going to do. That's when the Manager came up to me and said she would ask the guys if one of them could stay a bit later and fix it for me! And that's what he did. I thanked the mechanic profusely, (who was very gracious about being held up after his shift) thanked the Manager likewise, (who took the time to show me the defective valve they replaced) and went on my merry to the Open Mic, grateful for a stranger's kindness in our small town and a small business that goes the extra bit to help you.

I think you know where my next tires are going to be purchased.

Andrée Levie-Warrilow, Owen Sound





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