- from the front lines

There are tape lines on the floor at the front end of Zehrs marking where to stand as you wait your turn at the checkout. Please be mindful of them and do not approach the conveyer belt until the previous customer's transaction is finished.

We've been instructed to only pack if assistance is required. Customers are discouraged from using reusable bags for the time being. Cashiers and service clerks are prohibited from touching them. Please refrain from placing them on the belts at the beginning of your transaction.

Only one front end register will conduct cash transactions. No cash back will be given. Please read all signage around the terminals or ask the cashier if you're unsure.

As inconvenient as this all is, we all need to slow down for the sake of each other's safety. Believe me when I say my coworkers and I don't like having to stand back and watch people pack their groceries without helping.

On a more personal note: I love seeing babies and kids out shopping with their adults under normal circumstances. But please, if you have any other options, don't bring them into the store.








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