- by Laura Buckler

I know I'm not a parent, but I am allegedly an adult surrounded by other so-called adults, so here's my two cents.

I know you're worried about your kids' education right now, like how much math should you be doing per day, and what about the test scores, but instead of worrying about what project they should be working on, use this time to teach your kids the old ways of adulthood.

If your kid is old enough to ride the school bus, they're old enough to roast a chicken. Pull out your cheque book and show them how to write a cheque. Don't worry, there's no money anyway, so let them use crayon if they want to.

Show them how to make a bed and change the sheets regularly. How to pull the wash out of the washer and put it in the dryer in a timely fashion before everything goes all musty. Challenge them to make dinner using just a bag of potatoes, carrots and an onion.

Show them how to roll change for gas money, how to make a budget with no access to actual money, and for the love of God teach them the importance of rinsing out their travel mug as soon as they get home instead of forgetting it in a hot car.

Yes, getting your kids into a good university is still important, but not if they starve to death when they get there. Take this opportunity to teach this new generation the old ways of using a phone for phone calls and that it's not necessary to be afraid of the mailbox. There is not, I repeat, NOT a little troll living in there that calls you an irresponsible loser as he hands you your mail, so you need to check the mailbox more than once every three months.

This is such a teachable moment.
Embrace it.
Our future depends on it.

Laura "Jam Girl" Buckler is the proprietor of Cottage Country North out of Wiarton. We are delighted that she allows us to publish her very relatable bursts of passion for our readers to share.

Image: Lennox does the dishes credit: Jody Johnson




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