Bruce County is pleased to announce the launch of the first phase of the new Affordable Housing Toolkit. This initial phase shares an “Affordable Housing 101” Guide with developers and is filled with foundational information and resources highlighting the context for affordable housing creation in Bruce County and its local municipalities. The Affordable Housing 101 webpage, found on the Bruce County website, will offer step-by-step guides, tools, and other resources to support development projects.Developers, builders, landlords, and homeowners interested in creating affordable housing in Bruce County are encouraged to explore the Affordable Housing 101 Guide at

In future phased updates to the Affordable Housing Toolkit, three toolkits will be launched, tailored to developers of multi-residential buildings, developers and builders of low to medium density housing, and homeowners or landlords who could intensify their properties. These toolkits will build on the Affordable Housing 101 Guide.

It is broadly accepted that housing is affordable when a household is not spending more than 30% of its income on housing costs. The province has also defined affordable housing thresholds for households of low and moderate income. For ownership housing, the affordable housing threshold is housing that is affordable to households with incomes at the 60th percentile. For renter households, the affordable housing threshold is 100% of average market rent as published by Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation (CMHC). In Bruce County, the affordable housing thresholds for 2020 were rents below $1,014 and ownership costs below $346,600.

“Bruce County is home to many thriving, vibrant communities. However, there is work to be done to ensure the provision of safe, affordable, and suitable housing for all,” says Christine MacDonald, Director of Human Services. “Increasing the affordable housing stock is a key strategy in Bruce County’s Housing and Homelessness Plan.”

“Working with local developers and landlords to create affordable housing options is imperative for the continued success of our residents, communities, and economies,” adds Bruce County Warden Janice Jackson. “Together, we can create the housing we need to sustain a healthy and prosperous future for Bruce County.”

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