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On Tuesday, May 3rd, arborists and other City of Owen Sound employees, joined Alexandra Community School to begin a very special project entitled ‘Thoughtful Space’.

Trees 6The focus of this project is to take the empty boulevard that runs along the east side of the school fence and create a green space that can be used by the school and community. The intent is for this to be a place of thoughtful reflection.

The City has generously provided seven maple trees. This number was very intentional as each tree represents one of the Grandfather Teachings. Over the past four years, Alexandra Eagles have been learning about the seven teachings and how following these teachings help a person to stay on a ‘good path’ in life. The Thoughtful Space project will allow the Eagles to share their learning with the community in a meaningful way.

As part of this project, each tree will have a stone and plaque with the name of the Grandfather Teaching it represents. There will be a bench placed in the centre of the boulevard for community members to use while they enjoy this space.

Students and staff will gather on June 21st which is National Indigenous Peoples Day, for the official opening of our Thoughtful Space and to complete the final pieces of this project. We will be sending an invitation to the community to join us on June 21st so that we can celebrate together. Stay tuned for more information!

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