There are so many different “days” to recognize each  year, but on Friday, May 19th the Grey Bruce Physician  Recruitment and Retention Taskforce (GBPRRT) is asking  residents throughout our area to recognize the   physicians who go above and beyond in providing excellent family health care in our  community. If you have a great story about your Family Doctor, add it to our website, and  show them how much Grey-Bruce appreciates them!  

As stated by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada: “ we want to further  recognize the exceptional efforts and unwavering commitment exhibited by family  physicians, especially in the face of the challenges brought about by the COVID-19  pandemic.”  

Members of our community can publically thank their doctor by visiting the GBPRRT  Facebook page (Grey Bruce Physician Recruitment and Retention Taskforce), and post their  thanks, or by adding the hashtags #Gblovesdoctors, #Ilovemydoctor on Twitter.  

Family physicians are the backbone of our health care system with unmatched skill sets,  making them central to the care and wellbeing of our community health. They are crucial to  the health of our community, yet work countless hours tending to their growing lists of  patients, and trying to maintain their own work life balance.  

A special Doctor Appreciation Day will be held for physicians at Hibou Conservation on  Saturday, June 17th. Physicians can register through the Facebook page.  

About Grey Bruce Physician Recruitment and Retention Taskforce PSSO  

The Grey Bruce Physician Recruitment and Retention Taskforce is a community led  initiative aimed at recruiting Family Doctors, and other medical practitioners to the Grey  Bruce area. Made up of a combination of healthcare professionals, community members,  and municipal leaders, the task force continues the work of earlier groups to recruit and  retain top medical talent to our section of Ontario. Our goal is to showcase the benefits of  our area to new and practicing doctors who might be considering relocation to achieve a  more balanced lifestyle for them and their families. By doing this, we can reduce the  number of community members who are currently on waiting lists for family physicians, 

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