A message for the community of Owen Sound on behalf of Sharif's eldest brother and mother from Bangladesh:

Assalamualaikum (Peace be upon you)

On behalf of the community of Bangladesh, I (eldest brother of Sharif) and my mother express our gratitude to you for the example of humanity for Sharif you have set, including the financial support for his family, that you have been remembering Sharif Rahman on various social media since the unexpected incident of August 17.

Sharif was popular in our community from his student life till his death for his significant role in the service of humanity in Bangladesh, London, Denmark as well as Owen Sound. For that, the people of Bangladesh are also praying to Allah like you that may Allah grant him Jannatul Ferdous and give patience to his family.

We are very grateful and indebted to you for your various activities in this situation. Always remember Sharif in his absence and keep his wife and daughter, his brother (Anis, Adnan), nephew (Faheem) and his family under your watch.

I am hoping that you will love Sharif's family in his absence like the way did when Sharif was with us..

Again my heartiest gratitude to you guys for your generosity. You guys will always be remembered for your humanity to Sharif and his family..

Md. Muzibur Rahman (eldest brother of Sharif)
Mst. Runiya Begum ( Sharif's mother)
– from Bangladesh



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