Mr. Speaker, the House of Commons has been back only a week and already Santa's elves are seeing who is being naughty and nice. With broken promises on deficits, refugees, transparency, and Senate reform, our Liberal colleagues must be getting worried about the carbon emissions from the coal they will get in their stockings.

On a more serious note, Canadians are disappointed that the Liberals are sticking with their plan to step back rather than step up in the fight against the brutal terrorists of ISIS. They should listen to people such as the Liberal members for Fleetwood—Port Kells and Kelowna—Lake Country, who both wisely indicated during the campaign that continuing air strikes was a key component of a balanced approach. Rather than listening to their own members, why has the government forced them to vote against their beliefs on a matter of such importance to millions of victims of the brutal ISIS regime?

Canadians do not cut and run; only in Canada do the Liberals run from ISIS.

source: House of Commons Hansard #7 of the 42nd Parliament, 1st Session



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