by Hub staff

Every day or two The Hub gets media releases from the Owen Sound Police Services or regional OPP detachments on crime or safety related subjects. Knowing that the newspaper and radio will cover all these well in their news reports, we decide whether or not to publish them based on this single question:  Will this information help our readers act in a way that will make our community better?  This morning we received this release:

On Friday, February 19 during the evening hours an unknown vehicle struck a traffic sign located on a medianat 10th Street and 9th Avenue East in Owen Sound. The collision resulted in the sign being broken from its foundation. The vehicle left the scene in an unknown direction. A white bumper to a smaller domestic vehicle was recovered at the scene. Anyone with information about this incident is requested to contact PC Tremblay at 519-376-1234 x178 or Crimestoppers.

We are telling you this because this driver - whether impaired, reckless, unaware of their surroundings or ill - could be a danger to themselves or others.  If you know who this is, please ask them to report themselves or tell them you will.  Next time it might not be a street sign - it might be a person you know.



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