monumentGrey Roots Museum & Archives is pleased to announce plans to erect a First World War monument in Moreston Heritage Village.

This monument will honour and recognize Grey County’s three local units: the 31st Regiment and the 147th and 248th Battalions.

The creation of this lasting monument requires an investment of $52,000. Support from Veteran’s Affairs, Sanderson Monuments, and other community partners has provided the majority of the funds needed. Grey Roots is asking for public support to raise the additional $7,000 required to complete this meaningful community project.

The monument will be unveiled May 25, 2019 and will serve as a dramatic reminder of the lasting impact the First World War had and continues to have. Grey County sent thousands of citizens to the battlefields of Europe to serve King and Country in the bloodbath of the First World War. Many never returned to their homes, and all were forever changed by their experiences.

Petal Furness, Manager, says, “This monument will provide excellent opportunities for education and public engagement. With no remaining veterans from the First World War, it’s imperative to make sure these important stories continue to be told.”

This monument will ensure we recognize how the First World War shaped the development of our country through the 1920s and beyond. To contribute to this important project or to learn more, call 519-376-3690, stop by Grey Roots, or visit

This project is complemented by Grey Roots’ newest original exhibit Surviving the Unthinkable: Citizen Soldiers of Grey. This in-house community exhibit commemorates the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War by highlighting the experiences of Grey County’s ordinary men and women in the battlefield.

source: media release, Grey Roots


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