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Bluewater District School Board administration has decided that due to the current provincial labour action involving the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO), term one report cards will not be distributed to grade K to 8 students.

ETFO Bluewater Local has stated that Grade 1 to 8 teachers will be reviewing their first-term assessments this Friday, as scheduled. They will be submitting letter or number grades for subject areas and learning skills in hard copy to their school principals when they are due in the next two weeks. Kindergarten teachers will be writing brief comments.

Normally these grades and full comments would be submitted electronically, to be reviewed by the school principal, edited if necessary, printed and signed.

In a letter signed by the Bluewater Director of Education, Alana Murray, parents were told "We recognize that parents/guardians value receiving ongoing information about their children’s progress. As always, parents/guardians are encouraged to contact their child’s teacher should they have any questions about how their child is progressing at school."  Under work to rule, teachers can have those conversations at the school or by phone half an hour before school hours, or within fifteen minutes of the end of the school day.

ETFO wants to be clear that they will not be sharing marks - if parents want those specifically, they should contact the school principal.

source: media release, BWDSB; ETFO Bluewater Local


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