bruce-fullTIVERTON - Bruce Power will appear at a public hearing before Canada's nuclear regulator on Thursday, as part of its five-year relicensing process. The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission hearing will be webcast and then archived for 90 days at

The second part of the hearings will be April 14-16 at the Kincardine Legion. The public is encouraged to participate in the three-day hearing, whether through a written or oral submission to the panel.

"Public support and engagement has always been a key component to Bruce Power's success and one we never take for granted," said James Scongack, Vice President, Corporate Affairs. "We encourage people to get involved in the process and have their say."

Members of the public who have an interest or expertise in this matter, or information that may be useful to the Commission, are invited to comment on Bruce Power's application during Part 2 of the hearing in Kincardine. Requests to intervene must be filed with the Secretary of the Commission by March 16, either online at, via mail c/o Louise Levert, Secretariat, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, 280 Slater St., Box 1046, Ottawa, Ont., K1P 5S9 or email at [email protected].

The request must include a written submission of the comments to be presented to the Commission, a statement setting out whether the requester wishes to intervene by way of written submission only or by way of written submission and oral presentation, and name, address and telephone number of the requester.

Agendas, hearing transcripts and information on the hearing process are available at the CNSC website, More information, including a relicensing briefing document, is available at

Source - Bruce Power



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