applesticker-by Tarrah Young
I don't spend too much time engaging in debate on Facebook but last week, someone posted something which I see every few months- a picture of an apple with sticker on it showing a code. The code is apparently able to tell you if a fruit or vegetable has been genetically modified. I can never resist responding to these posts because they are very misleading. Firstly, the labeling of foods as genetically modified is voluntary, so even if this code were accurate, absolutely no one is coming forth and volunteering the information that their product is genetically modified. Second, the long supply chain between producer and retailer means that after the product has left the farm, no one actually knows if it was GM or not. Certain items are over 90% GM, such as corn and soy. But there are actually almost no fruit or vegetables which are available in stores that are genetically modified anyways, the one exception that comes to mind is...

bairdradar- by Francesca Dobbyn

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I had no idea who Elizabeth Laird was when the poll was released for the renaming of OSCVI [as an elementary school]. I began the usual Google search and was stunned to read the history and impact of this woman. Connecting with others in the community, they too were unaware of who she was, so I did the next logical thing: I created a Facebook group "Who is Elizabeth Laird" so we could learn together.

I pulled together the following information from a variety of ...

oscvi---- by Sabrina and Jeremy McCoubrey

You may have already heard that the list of six potential names has been released for public input in the naming of Owen Sound's newest elementary school. My husband and I are supporting an effort to have our new school in Owen Sound named after Tom Thomson. Our kids currently go to Sydenham Community School which will be amalgamated with Bayview Public School and relocated to the former OSCVI building. We feel it's an obvious choice, but also a great story for the community. 

Here's our argument:...

BruceTrail- by Dave Moule

Hikers! I know that most of you are nice, considerate people, but there are a few among you who either cannot read signs, or else you read them and then deliberately ignore them. I'm speaking in particular about signs that designate certain trails for specific uses. In the Caledon Hills section, I maintain a network of cross-country ski trails, which are complementary to the Bruce Trail and its official side trails. Hikers and snow-shoers are still permitted to walk on the Bruce Trail and the Hockleycrest Side Trail, but they are asked....


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