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Today I finished Pierre Berton's 'The Great Depression'. And it may come as a bit of shock to some when I describe it as a bible for our times, these events precipitated 86 years ago, seem to parallel our own exactly. In it you will find the absolute psychosis of national leadership, clinging to principles that make no sense in hardship, crying balanced budgets, over empty stomachs, nakedness from destitution and evictions, the heap of treatment done to 'communists' and 'Jews', like is being done and talked about toward 'environmentalists' and 'Muslims', in our own era, to the fine razor's notion of similarity.

'Maybe we can take 10,000'. Mass deportations, detainings, brutal street violence conducted by police under the sacrimonious 'we have our orders', search and seizures for the sake of having a differing political opinion, that make things like bill C-51 scream 'Padlock Law' all over again. You'll find Canada's history of

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I grew up with guns. Country guns. Shotguns. .45s and .38s and beer cans on fence posts. That was back before public gun violence became a daily routine. If somebody got shot, it was a drug deal or domestic violence. There were guns all around me, practically under my pillow, and nobody got hurt. No one I know ever threatened another person with a gun. The few violent men I knew fought with their fists. Pulling a gun to settle a score wouldn't be worth the shame. Guns were for targets and critters. It seems like some kind of mythical world now.

From my experience traveling in northern Europe consistently the past few years, I offer a theory that is beginning to take shape in my mind. I'm in the UK now; their gun laws are famously rigid. The Olympic pistol team had to leave the country to practice. Intentional homicide rate is maybe a third to a quarter of the U.S., but I don't think the stringent gun laws are entirely responsible.

More interesting to this essay are other countries I've been to regularly: The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, and Switzerland. Canada is notably similar in that

Larry-Miller-featureWith regard to the recent federal court decision concerning the wearing of the niqab during the Canadian citizenship oath, Minister Alexander has stated "The government of Canada will seek leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada in the Ishaq case."

I support this position. If you would like further information on the government position, please contact the office of Minister Alexander.

Thank you.

Larry Miller
Conservative Candidate
Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound


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