shadows-by Kaarina Mikalson

In the wake of this awful verdict, I have recalled something strange: the number of times men have assured me–and each other in my presence–that they would never hit a woman.
There are two elements of this I find frustrating:

1) That they need to say this; that the default is that men would hit women, and they have chosen to deviate from it.
2) That this statement is worthy of praise, or at least ...

GomeshiBy Jon Farmer

The recent verdict in the Jian Gomeshi sexual assault trial brought the issue of sexual violence back into the headlines. The celebrity of this particular case provided unusual media attention but the issues it represents are highly stigmatized. Sexual violence is often ignored and viewed as a topic unfit for polite conversation. Although it is uncommon to talk about sexual violence openly, it affects a shocking number of...

SchoolBuses-Sandra Stevenson

I am here today to support the option of keeping both OSCVI and West Hill Secondary School as Grade 7 to 12 schools. I would like to share several points to support this option as providing the best possible scenario for intermediate senior education in this board for the ...

OSCVIMy name is Natasha Cordick, and I am teacher at O.S.C.V.I. Last October, my initial reaction to the Accommodation Review was to support a 9 – 12 model. However, after thorough research, I'm here to speak against the current recommendation, and thus, support reconfiguring O.S.C.V.I. and WHSS into 7 – 12 schools, with French Immersion at O.S.C.V.I.

Research indicates that the optimum size for an elementary school is approximately 300 students, and approximately 600 - 800 students for a secondary school. Based on projected enrolment, the current recommendation would put well over 1200 students at WHSS (or over 1400 when using current enrolment) and between 800 – over 1000 elementary students at OSCVI (depending on how the grade 7/8 students are organized). This configuration results in movement away from the community school concept, and favours the development of mega-schools, a decision that may lead parents to seek out educational opportunities elsewhere.

Studies indicate that optimum sized schools are associated with more individualized attention, greater


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